When you need an electrician who specializes in either residential or commercial electrical problems or installations, you can always count on Integrity Electric. Business and homeowners can count on their professional standards and high quality work ethics to complete any job, no matter how small or large the project.

Commercial electricians know how to satisfy the needs of the residential owner as well as the business owner. We are qualified to work on the smallest of jobs in the home, like replacing an electrical outlet for the microwave or rewiring an entire commercial building. Integrity Electric technicians are licensed and trained to diagnose any electrical problems in the home or business setting. Some services provided by commercial electricians include:

  • Installing track and recessed lighting
  • Telephone or cable TV connections
  • Updates in fuse panels
  • Installation of generators
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Installing exterior and interior light fixtures
  • Installation of smoke detectors and wall outlets
  • Complete wiring for computers and networking
  • Evaluations of electrical work in businesses and homes

Integrity Electric provides free estimates and quality service for every job. Residential and commercial owners can count on their electrical problems being taken care of in a timely manner and to their complete satisfaction.

Whether your needs are for better efficiency, improving safety or installing new fixtures, Integrity Electric takes pride in fixing your electrical concerns. Upgrading, the electrical system in your business will enhance the value of your business. Businesses with fuse boxes or older breaker panels will need to update the electrical system for safety reasons. Older panels usually have fuses rather than having the circuit breakers. Existing fuse panels have outlived thier useful life and have become somewhat unreliable therefore, it is most often recommended to upgrade fuse panels to quality circuit breaker panels by manufactures such as General Electric and Square D. Curcuit breaker panels are much more adaptable to the everchangning electrical needs of commercial businesses.

Modern homes today comsume much more power than older homes were wired for. Microwave ovens, hair dryers, air conditioners, space heaters and so on, place a much greater demand on a home’s electrical system. For that reason 60 amp electrical services are no longer installed. To meet mininum standards today, they must be at least 100 amps. This will give you the needed capacity to run these devices safely and give you room for future expansion of your electrical system such as:

  • ceiling fixtures, for general lighting
  • pendant lights, that focus on one area
  • track lighting
  • wall mounted lights
  • individual fixtures throughout the home

Appliances and lighting fixtures need a properly wired circuit in order to be efficient and safe. If not, “nuicance tripping” of circuit breakers or blowing of fuses will occur. A properly sized and installed circuit designed for the load to be served, will eliminate these problems. We have professional technicians that can troubleshoot, repair or rewire a circuit to meet these needs.

Some of the most common reasons for updating your electrical panel are:

  • adding a room
  • increasing the number of appliances used in the kitchen
  • installing a hot tub or spa
  • adding or enlarging your air conditioning system

All these things will demand more power and could put a strain on your electrical system. If circuits are not properly sized and installed accordingly, wiring within the walls of your home could overheat and cause a potential fire risk. Professional electricians with many years of experience, can properly evaluate your electrical system to ensure that it is capable of handiling the increased demand of such devices.

A commercial electrician can inspect your facility and make suggestions regarding energy efficient upgrades to your lighting system and the installation of motion sensors to help save business owners money. Integrity Electric can also service all the electrical needs of a multi-million dollar structure or update the electrical system of a small mom and pop store. Their technicians are licensed and trained to perform any electrical service that is needed for the safety of the workers. Technicians will make your workspaces energy efficient, to give you maximum productivity and growth in your business.

Any delay in the electrical service to a business can mean loss of revenue and productivity for the business. The proper lighting in any business is important to the needs of the employees. Without proper lighting, the employee’s performance will suffer. Electricians can improve the lighting fixtures in dark areas and bring some warmth to the workspace to increase productivity.

To keep your business safe from electrical hazards, technicians can install arc fault circuit interrupters, for your outlets. Circuits protected by an arc fault circuit interupter can detect the arcing caused by a frayed electrical cord or a loose connection on a device and shut the power off, greatly reduce the possibility of a fire. Many fires are started due to faulty electrical wiring. Protect your building and business with properly sized and installed circuits to help eliminate these risks.

Integrity Electric can increase the security and conserve energy in the work place with efficient lighting throughout the building. With the proper lighting customers and employees will feel safe. Lights can be controlled by sensors, to keep the employees safe while entering and leaving the building.

The art of electrical troubleshooting should be left up to the professional electricians. If an inexperienced person tries to fix:

  • flickering lights
  • defective lights
  • short circuits
  • faulty wiring
  • broken outlets
  • damaged splices
  • or repair complex wiring issues

It could be extremely dangerous and lead to prolonged outages and injuries. No matter when electrical problems start to happen, the safest way to find a solution is to call in the professional electricians from Integrity Electric Service.

Electricians should also do safety checkups in a business. We are trained to know what to look for and know when an electrical system needs to be updated. Professional electricians will keep the safety of you building within all the regulation codes, upgrade the electrical panel and install the proper shock prevention devices needed to keep everyone safe.

Installation of appliances, equipment, data, communication, computer cabling and panel upgrades should be done by professional electricians, who are licensed. Businesses should have a maintenance program scheduled for the professional electricians to check out all the electrical systems in the building. We will make sure that your business is energy efficient with the proper upgrades.

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